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Learn Different Legal Systems

Learn and understand the differences between Civil and Common Law.

Understand the Intricacies of Each Area of Law

By understanding the many different legal doctrines and principles, you will gain a comprehensive grasp of any source text.

Fully Comprehend Complex Legal Language 

A complete grasp of complex of sophisticated legal terminology will allow you to translate any source text

All The Tools You Need To Be a Successful Legal Translator

Become an expert legal translator without spending hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on a law degree. 

I Want to Help You Take the Next Step in Mastering the Art of Legal Translation

In this free e-workbook, I will introduce you to:

  • The difference between civil and common law;
  • A guided approach to understanding a few general legal concepts;
  • The most common false cognates found in legal texts; and
  • The proper translation of several fundamental legal terms.


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